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L. Craig Johnson,  Experienced Legal Counsel in Middle Tennessee

Providing 30+ Years Of Experience to Protect Your Interests

Craig Johnson has been providing personalized and timely counsel and dispute resolution to the people of Middle Tennessee since 1990. He knows how complex and overwhelming the legal process can be. This is why his goal is to help you understand your rights and the issues affecting your case. Call today and schedule a consultation.

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Focus Areas

Craig Johnson offers a wide variety of legal services but focuses on the following areas of law:

Shaking Hands

Mediation & Arbitration

For many disputes, parties are finding nonjudicial methods of resolution increasingly attractive, as these avenues are more cost-efficient, less time-consuming and less adversarial than traditional litigation. Sometimes all it takes for parties to reach a resolution is hearing the viewpoint of an experienced, independent observer as to the strengths or weakness of their positions in a dispute. Craig Johnson has 30+ years of hearing and resolving disputes.

Personal Injury

Following an accident, you need a knowledgeable attorney to guide you through the process. Craig Johnson is dedicated to helping victims obtain the compensation that can help put them back on the road to recovery. If you were injured by another’s negligence, it may require aggressive negotiation and litigation on your behalf in an effort to recover lost wages, medical bills, and the cost of pain and suffering. Craig Johnson can help you to receive what you deserve.

 Scales of Justice
Business Meeting

Business Law

The legal aspects of starting, maintaining and growing a business are often quite complicated. These can include issues such as business formation, compliance, conflict resolution, mergers, dissolution, and contract disputes. Craig Johnson has the experience to help guide you through any step in the process.

Estates & Probate

Although very tough to comprehend, you want to consider getting your financial affairs in order to be prepared for an incapacitating event or your eventual passing. Craig Johnson can help get you prepared.

In addition, the loss of a loved one is hard, and the last thing you want to experience during that time is court proceedings. Whether you need help with probate matters or administering an estate, Craig Johnson would be glad to guide you.

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